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Panama has a number of all inclusive resorts up and down the Pacific Coast beach area.  Most of them are located in the "dry arch" and do not get the same amount of rain that the rest of the country receives.  We often find that here in Coronado we have a beautiful sunny day and we head to the city and the rain starts in the mountains and rains all the way to the city, but we get home at night to find that we have not received any rain in the dry arch.

The new airport at Rio Hato is open and Sunwing is offering direct flights out of Toronto and Montreal which saves travellers a 2 to 3 hour trip from PTY airport in the city.  Depending on day of week and traffic, the commute can be even longer.  Now, with Rio Hato airport open (called Playa Blanca on the Sunwing site) you can fly direct and be at your resort in less than 20 minutes.

Royal Decameron Resort - is an all inclusive at Farallon.  This is a huge resort with large grounds that are impeccably maintained.  There is golfing, horseback riding and several pools to lounge beside as well as a beautiful beach.  This resort is family and budget oriented.  

Sheraton Bijao Resort - is just outside of Farallon.  A beautiful resort with nice rooms, great views and a very nice piano lounge as well as an outside pool bar.  The pool area is spectacular.

Riu Playa Blanca - this is a brand new resort with nice rooms and a great view.  This is a newer resort and we have been driving many people to and from the Riu. 

JW Marriott - is the farthest from the new airport at about 20 minutes and is the most exclusive.  The grounds are impeccable and the atmosphere is very classy.

Tryp Wyndham Playa Blanca - I love the view from this resort and the breeze that comes off the ocean.  It is situated near the Riu and JW Marriott at Playa Blanca.

There are also two new resorts at Playa Bonita just outside of Panama City.  Playa Bonita Intercontinental and Playa Bonita Westin.  I have had friends stay at both and they are beautiful resorts.

We highly recommend you check out the resorts on Trip Advisor before booking.  Trip Advisor will give you the opportunity to read other customers experiences.

When coming to Panama resorts we have found, that in general, people who have the best time are those who realize they are coming to a Spanish speaking country and learn just a word or two of Spanish.  Panama's customer service is not the same as customer service in other parts of the world; expect things to take a little longer.

Panama Roadrunner Secure Transport offers transport to all of these resorts and daytrips for those travellers who don't want to be on a prepackaged bus tour.  Many guests at these resorts choose to have Canadian or American drivers who speak English to show them the country of Panama.

If you are booking an airport transfer just let us know - we are happy to let you stop on your way to pick up groceries, drinks or snacks!






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