Up to 4 people   Up to 6 people  
From Sheraton Bijao $250 From Sheraton Bijao $290
From the Decameron $260 From the Decameron $300
From Playa Blanca $260 From Playa Blanca $300
From Playa Bonita/Gamboa $275   From Playa Bonita/Gamboa $345
From the City $275   From the City $325

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Arenosa is small village located  on the western end of Lake Gatun.  The lake is 85 feet above sea level and was created by dams built during the construction of the Panama Canal.

It covers about 160 square miles and supplies over 52 million gallons of water for each ship that passes through the Panama Canal as well as potable water to the approximately 2 million people in Panama City and the surrounding areas.

The land surrounding the lake and the hundreds of small islands are filled with tropical wildlife and fauna.   Peacock Bass are in great abundance with Tarpon and Snook also found from time to time.   The fishing here is fantastic!

Price for boat rental and a guide for the day is $200 for up to six people.

Equipment rental and bait is $10 per person.

Transport prices:
All these activities are provided under the safe service of your own Personal Escort that remains with you throughout the day.

The time you spend at each attraction is up to you. You are completely in charge of the length of time you wish to spend at any location.

The driver and vehicle are for your exclusive use throughout the day and you do not share the vehicle with other guests. The driver remains with you throughout the day for your Safety and Security.

Your Safety and Security are of Paramount Importance to us!

Transportation & Security Services
We have drivers who speak:
English, Spanish, French, Portugese