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At the southern entrance of the Panama Canal is the Amador Causeway. This beautiful and picturesque Causeway is lined with tropical palm trees.  The Causeway has magnificent views of the Canal and the Panama City skyline, was built from excavated material during Canal construction.

It took 18 million yards of solid rock extracted from the famous Culebra or Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal to build this Causeway.

The Causeway was formerly part of a military base, which has been transformed into a flourishing tourist attraction.

Great restaurants, hotels, marinas and a convention center provide an infrastructure that is attracting ever-increasing tourism.  Famous architect Frank Gehry has designed a new art gallery which is currently under construction.

The causeway is also the home of the Marine Exhibition Center of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), where visitors can see and touch exotic species of Panama's Caribbean and Pacific marine life, and learn about marine-coastal environments.

The causeway is also popular with locals and tourists who want to enjoy fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.

We often stop for our customers to visit the new Artisan Market now located indoors on the Amador Causeway.  Shop for molas, baskets and other local crafts by the Kuna and Embera indigenous peoples.
All of our day trips may be customized to suit your wishes! You choose your destinations and how much or how little time you wish to spend at each location.

 We provide you with a newer vehicle and a well trained driver for your personal, exclusive use throughout the day or evening.  You are not sharing with other guests.

 Our driver is with you throughout your day trip to keep you safe and secure. 

 Prices quoted are the total price for transport and not per person.  Prices do not include admissions, entrance fees, meals or beverages.

 It is important that you carry a copy of your passport with you while traveling in Panama.  If you'd like to shop at the Duty Free store on the Amador Causeway, you will need your passport there as well.

Your Safety and Security are of Paramount Importance to us!

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